Important stakeholders from all yachting sectors in Greece and representatives of companies operating in other countries expressed their views, discussed, disagreed, agreed, and finally set the main pillars for the development of professional yachting in Greece.

The Congress was actively attended by the political leadership, with participation in similar sessions, of the competent Ministries of Shipping and Island Policy, by the Secretary General of Ports and Port Policy, Mr. Evangelos Kyriazopoulos, and Secretary General for Tourism Policy and Development Ms. Olympia Anastassopoulou, and all stakeholders of the sector (in order of presentation): Hellenic Chamber of Shipping (Vice-President Georgios Alexandratos), Association of Shipowners of Greek Tourist Vessels – EPEST (president Mr. Antonis Stelliatos), Greek Yachting Association (president Mr. Michalis Skoulikidis), Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises – SETE (Secretary General Mr. Georgios Vernikos), Association of Owners of Tourist Professional Boats without Crew – SITESAP (president Mr. Paris Loutriotis), Hellenic Marinas Association (president Mr. Stavros Katsikadis), Panhellenic Association of Professional Day Boats – PENETIS (vice-president Mr. Nikolaos Vouloumanos), who each presented and supported their positions and pointed out the need to quickly address and resolve them, while all supported the positive prospects of the industry.


The Congress was divided into nine panels coordinated by well-known and experienced journalists and communicators (Minas Tsamopoulos, Chryssa Voulgaridou, Dimos Bouloukos, Nicole Kazantzidou, Theano Kalapotharakou, Stefanos Papandreou)

  • The Future of Greek Yachting
  • Infrastructure & Perspective
  • Super/Mega Yachts Market, Brokers & Owners
  • Training / Education / Staffing
  • Sailing Boats / Catamarans
  • Environment & Sea
  • Women in Yachting
  • Innovative Ideas & Businesses of the Sector
  • Yacht Refit / Design / Building / Repair / Shipyards
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